Error Code List

API Error Codes

Exception (10xxx)

Code Description
10000 Unable to create object
10001 Unable to update object
10002 Unable to delete object
10003 Unable to create subscription
10004 API Task configuration not found
10005 Authenticator not found
10006 Authorizer not found
10007 Invalid Authorization Context
10008 Nomadesk client lib not found
999 Unknown Error
1 Success

Not Found (11xxx)

Code Description
11000 Account not found
11001 Contact not found
11002 PaymentInfo not found
11003 No Rateplan for Account found
11004 Parent account not found
11005 Product Rate Plan not found
11006 Subscription owner not found
11007 Currency not found for account
11008 Invoice not found
11009 Payment not found
11010 InvoicePayment not found
11011 Subscription(s) not found
11012 RatePlan not found

Required Data/Field (12xxx)

Code Description
12000 Account object must be set
12001 Contact object must be set
12002 PaymentMethod object must be set
12003 Subscription object must be set
12004 ProductRatePlan array must be set
12005 Task must be set
12006 Subscription must be set
12007 Token must be set
12008 Plan must be set for the subscription details
12009 owner must be set for the subscription details
12010 State must be set
12011 FirstName must be set
12012 LastName must be set
12013 Country must be set
12014 RedirectURL must be set
12015 BrandingID must be set
12016 Subscription must be set
12017 LicenseID must be set
12018 Owner must be set
12019 InvoiceNumber must be set
12020 AccountName must be set
12021 PaymentID must be set
12022 ID must be set
12023 Type must be set
12024 BillCycleDay must be set
12025 From must be set
12026 To must be set
12027 PaidStatus must be set

Invalid Data (13xxx)DaReta/Field (12xxx)

Code Description
13000 Value must be a string
13001 Value cannot be empty
13002 Unknown API Task
13003 Invalid Period Type
13004 Owner and Assignee cannot be the same
13005 Credit must be a decimal
13006 Invalid Currency
13007 Invalid Country
13008 Invalid State
13009 Invalid BillCycleDay
13010 Invalid paid status
13011 Invalid Autorenew value

Errors (14xxx)

Code Description
14000 Unsupported datasource method
14001 Authentication Failed
14002 No more licenses left
14003 Can not change the currency for existing account
14004 Unauthorized Action
14005 No Charges for this account
14006 Failed to create subscription

Disabled Functionallity (15xxx)

Code Description

Deprecated (16xxx)

Code Description

Zuora Return Codes (17xxx)

Code Zuora Name Description
17001 API_DISABLED The API has been disabled
17002 CANNOT_DELETE The specified item could not be deleted
17003 CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING_FAILURE There was a problem processing the credit card
17004 DUPLICATE_VALUE A duplicate value was found
17005 INVALID_FIELD An invalid field was specified in a create(), update(), or query() call
17006 INVALID_ID An invalid ID was specified
17007 INVALID_LOGIN The login credentials are invalid
17008 INVALID_SESSION The authentication session is invalid or has expired. You may need to log in again
17009 INVALID_TYPE An invalid object type was specified in the create, update, or query calls
17010 INVALID_VALUE An invalid value was specified
17011 INVALID_VERSION The version of the API does not match the capabilities you are trying to use
17012 MALFORMED_QUERY The query was not properly formed
17013 MAX_RECORDS_EXCEEDED The maximum allowed number of records has been exceeded
17014 MISSING_REQUIRED_VALUE A value that is required has not been specified
17015 SERVER_UNAVAILABLE The Zuora server is not available
17016 TRANSACTION_FAILED The transaction has failed
17017 UNKNOWN_ERROR An unknown error was encountered
17018 NO_PERMISSION No permissions
17019 INVALID_TEMPLATE Invalid template supplied
17020 ACCOUNTING_PERIOD_CLOSED The accounting period is already closed