Updates the account billing information in the billing system.

Currently Updates the following fields:

  • BillCycleDay

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
BillCycleDay Integer Represents the billing cycle day (BCD) for the account, and when billing runs generate invoices for this account. Usually set based to the same day the account was created to avoid any proration charges on first invoice. Set the value to 31 to indicate "end of month."

Set the value to 0 to set the value to use the auto-set functionality. This allows the account BCD to be set to the same day as the triggering date of the first recurring charge on the account. This only applies to recurring charges, and not to one-time or usage charges. See Customer Accounts: Bill Cycle Day for more information.

Allowable Values: Any of the system-defined bill cycle days (1–30) that have been activated within Z-Billing administration. Specify 0 to set the billing cycle day to Auto-set. Specify 31 to set it to end of month.

Once the BillCycleDay has been set manually, it can not go back to AutoSet and you must enter a day between 1 -> 30


curl 'https://secure.nomadesk.com/nomadesk-billing/Api?Task=UpdateBillingInfo&Token=95mf42dqia1c1kg8dfksf5rej6&BillCycleDay=1'