This web service will allow third parties to integrate with the Nomadesk platform. Its aim is to provide all functionality that is currently available on the mynomadesk web site to end users.

Usage is very simple : first, you need to use the account management methods to logon an account. Once logged on, you can retrieve the fileservers he has access to. Once you have fileserver(s), you can start manipulating the files and folders on the fileserver(s) as long as the logged on session is valid.

Note that this web service api is work in progress, still under heavy development and subject to change. Further, all comments and request for enhancements are very welcome.

XML Structure

Every response is encapsulated in the Response xml tags and has a Status and Message xml tag.


Each status code has a meaning, for example "Success" is "1". This is present in each XML response.
For a complete list of error codes see API Status Codes