UnAssigns a license, license must be owned by the currently logged in account.

Also handles the current fileservers he’s admin of.
Options are to remove the fileserver or to transfer it to a new account that must be part of the managed group.

You can also give the option to remove the user his access(in case of a transfer) and to remove(cancel) the license.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
  • With AMS username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
LicenseID* String LicenseID
FileserverAction* String Remove or Transfer

*Note: applicable to Fileservers Owned by the user, has no impact on Fileservers if the user has access as Guest.
RemoveUser* User email Remove the user his access or not. Also deletes the local copy
RemoveLicense* Boolean Cancel the license or move it to UnAssigned
TransferTo EmailAddress Transfer the workspaces to this account.

*Note: the account to transfer to must be within the Managed User Group
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean True or false

  • = required


curl -v 'https://secure.nomadesk.com/ctrller/api.php?Task=UnAssignLicense&Token=ne8qsf1uq2h9b7prspb7r93oi0&LicenseID=ad978144-433b-ae5f-9796-f9b6bed93a89&FileserverAction=Remove&RemoveUser=user1@example.com&RemoveLicense=true&TransferTo='