Generates a folderlink and sends the emails.
Emails are send to:

  • The sender to confirm that the folderlink was created
  • Reciever, the folderlink email
  • If notify is turned on, the owner is notified by email if the folderlink is accessed

To access a folderlink, the requestaccess api call can be used with the ID that can be found in the email.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileServerName* String FileServer name
Path* String File or Foldername to remove
Access AccessType Possible access types: ReadWrite, ReadOnly
ShowSubDirs Boolean
ExpiryDays Int Number of days after which filelink expires. Note -1 denotes unlimited
Notify Boolean Whether or not the owner should receive a notification email when the filelink has been accessed
Emails* String[] Array of email addresses that should receive the filelink
Message String Contents of the filelink email
ExpiryDownloads Int Amount of downloads after which to expire. Note -1 denotes unlimited
Password String Password to protect FileLink access
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean Returns true if the filelink was send



curl ''