Gives the user access to the Vault or path on the Vault.
When no path parameter is given, the user will be given access on the entire Vault.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
  • With AMS username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileserverName* String Fileserver name
Emails[]* String array Emails to send invite to
Message String Message the email will contain
Access* AccessType Access for the new user (ReadOnly, ReadWrite)
Path String Optional Path: will give the user access to that specific path
AllowInvite* Boolean True to allow this user to invite other guests
OpenEmail2Folder* Boolean Allow this user to use Email2Folder
AllowFolderLink Boolean
AllowWidget Boolean
SkipEmail Boolean Optional skip sending of the invite email to existing users, new users will still get an invite email to create their account
AccountEmail Email Required for AMS and Partner accounts if AccountName not used.

The Email address of the account to send the invite for
AccountName String Required for AMS or Partner accounts if AccountEmail not used.

The unique identifier for this account
Output Parameter Type Description
AccountInfo[] Account[] The invited accounts



curl -g '[]'