Changes the access settings on the Vault or Path on the vault.
When no path is given, the 'Vault' permissions are modified

GlobalOpenEmail2Folder allows or disallows anonymous Email2Folder.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileServerName* String FileServer name
GlobalOpenEmail2Folder Boolean True to allow everyone to mail files
Email[]* EmailAddress Array with email addresses to update access settings for
Access[]* AccessType Array of access types for the provided user
AllowInvite[]* Boolean Array of Booleans to allow invite or not for the user
OpenEmail2Folder[]* Boolean Array of Booleans to allow e2f for the user
AllowFolderLink[]* Boolean
AllowWidget[]* Boolean
SkipNotify Boolean
Path String Optional path, will change the access for the user on that path
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean True if success, false if failed


curl -g '[][]=ReadWrite&AllowInvite[]=true&OpenEmail2Folder[]=false&Email[][]=ReadWrite&AllowInvite[]=true&OpenEmail2Folder[]=false&SkipNotify=true&Path=/mysubfolder'