API Status Codes

1 Success
101 Service Unavailable
102 Timed Out
999 Exception
1001 Failed to delete
1002 Failed to move or copy the file or directory
1003 Unexpected result
1004 Failed to create the directory
1005 Invalid Task
1006 Failed to create notification
1007 Not yet implemented
1008 Authenticator not found
1009 Failed creating zip file
1010 Failed creating account certificate
1011 An unknown error has occured while logging on using SAML
Not found
2001 Account not found
2002 Fileserver not found
2003 File or folder does not exist
2004 File does not exist
2005 Link not found
2006 Revision not found
2007 Notification not found
2008 StorageNode not found
2009 EventHandler type not found
2010 No free license was found
2011 License not found
2012 Partner Campaign not found
2013 Zip file not found
Required Field
3001 FirstName is a required field
3002 LastName is a required field
3003 Address is a required field
3004 City is a required field
3005 State is a required field
3006 ZipCode is a required field
3007 Country is a required field
3008 Phone is a required field
3009 Password is a required field
3010 Message is required
3011 Subject is required
3012 Emails is a required parameter
3013 FileserverName is a required field
3014 Path is a required field
3015 Email is a required field
3016 File is a required parameter
3017 OldPath is a required parameter
3018 NewPath is a required parameter
3019 OldPassword is a required field
3020 NewPassword is a required field
3021 ReadOnly is a required field
3022 AllowInvitesByGuests is a required field
3023 OpenEmail2Folder is a required field
3024 FileserverLabels is a required field
3025 FileserverTypes is a required field
3026 Not all fileserverTypes supplied for all fileserverlabels
3027 Not all fileserverLabels provided for all fileservertypes
3028 ShowSubDirs is a required field
3029 Access is a required field
3030 FileserverLabel is a required field
3031 Username is a required field
3032 LocationID is a required field
3033 ClientVersion is a required field
3034 SyncResult is a required field
3035 SyncType is a required field
3036 WebsiteUrl is a required field
3037 ComputerDescription is a required field
3038 LinkID is a required field
3039 AccessType is a required field
3040 Date is a required field
3041 GlobalAccess is a required field
3042 GlobalAllowInviteByGuests is a required field
3043 GlobalOpenEmail2Folder is a required field
3044 AllowInvite is a required field
3045 AllowFolderLink is a required field
3046 AllowWidget is a required field
3047 AllowFolderLink is a required field
3048 AllowWidget is a required field
3049 Pattern is a required field
3050 Task is a required field
3051 BrandingID is a required field
3052 Type is a required field
3053 Unicode is a required field
3054 AllowManualRevisions is a required field
3055 AccountName is a required field
3056 PrivateKey is a required field
3057 IDDsa is a required field
3058 IDDsaEnc is a required field
3059 IDDsaPub is a required field
3060 HomeDir is a required field
3061 NewFileserverLabel is a required field
3062 ConfirmationID is a required field
3063 Locations is a required field
3064 Reseller is a required field
3065 RedirectTask is a required field
3066 ID is a required field
3067 Token is a required field
3068 Active is a required field
3069 BillingCycles is a required field
3070 Amount is a required field
3071 Description is a required field
3072 Code is a required field
3073 OldEmail is a required field
3074 Name is a required field
3075 TrialExpiry is a required field
3076 Connector is a required field
3077 Command is a required field
3078 InvoiceID is a required field
3079 Offer is a required field
3080 Months is a required field
3081 ExpiryDate is a required field
3082 OfferType is a required field
3083 CouponID is a required field
3084 Missing parameter
3085 Status is a required field
3086 Email or FileserverName is a required field
3087 Missing search parameter
3088 Storagenode is a required field
3089 Partner is a required field
3090 InstallStatus cannot be empty
3091 Currency cannot be empty
3092 Invalid value for boolean Active
3093 SourcePartner cannot be empty
3094 DestinationPartner cannot be empty
3095 NotificationID is a required field
3096 NotificationXmlData is a required field
3097 Company website is a required field
3098 Payment type is a required field
3099 LicenseID is a required field
3100 FileserverAction is a required field
3101 RemoveUser is a required field
3102 RemoveLicense is a required field
3103 TransferTo is a required field
3104 Active is a required field
3105 From is a required field
3106 DiskUsage is a required field
3107 BackgroundTask is a required field
3108 Enabled is a required field
3109 Metadata is a required field
3110 FileserverNames is a required field
3111 ThemeID is a required field
3112 Type is a required field
3113 GUID is a required field
3114 TwoFactorAuth is a required field
Invalid data
4001 Cannot log on pending account
4002 Incorrect password
4003 Invalid Email address
4004 Not logged on
4005 Account Expired
4006 Unauthorized Action
4007 Fileserver not paid
4008 Fileserver was removed
4009 Email address is blacklisted
4010 User already has access
4011 Invalid Country
4012 Invalid Phone Number
4013 Invalid Industry
4014 Invalid company size
4015 Invalid Revenue
4016 Invalid ZipCode
4017 Invalid fileserver type (DEPRECATED UBL)
4018 Fileserver label exists
4019 Fileserver label is blacklisted
4020 Invalid Fileserver label
4021 Invalid password
4022 Location not found
4023 Invalid Expiry
4024 Target is not a file
4025 Target is not a directory
4026 Your account was blocked
4027 Fileserver label already in use
4028 File already exists
4029 Invalid Filename or Foldername
4030 Folder already exists
4031 Account not pending
4032 Path is too long
4033 Reserved for future use
4034 Not allowed to change the access settings
4035 Not allowed to remove guests
4036 Account has been removed
4037 AccessToken not found
4038 AccessToken Expired
4039 Email address already in use
4040 Invalid SyncResult
4041 Invalid SyncType
4042 Invalid AccessType
4044 Fileserver not installed
4045 Fileserver not suspended
4046 Fileserver removal failed
4047 Fileserver does not have the status removed or suspended
4048 Account removal failed
4049 Account does not have the status removed or suspended
4050 Removal period not expired
4051 Invalid Language
4052 Invalid Brand
4053 Fileserver is already a team fileserver.
4054 Account does not have access to this Fileserver
4055 Invalid ExpiryDownloads
4056 Invalid LinkType
4057 Maximum downloads exceeded
4058 Link is expired
4059 Invalid OverwriteFile
4060 Invalid View Type
4061 Invalid Value for LastModifiedColumn
4062 Invalid value for SizeColumn
4063 Invalid value for SlideShow
4064 Invalid value for Width
4065 Invalid value for Height
4066 Invalid value for GlobalAllowInviteByGuests
4067 Invalid value for GlobalOpenEmail2Folder
4068 Access settings are not an array
4069 AllowInvite not given for all guests
4070 OpenEmail2Folder nog given for all guests
4071 Invalid value for AllowInvite
4072 Invalid value for AllowEmail2Folder
4073 Revision creation not allowed
4074 Invalid Message
4075 Invalid Subject
4076 Invalid GlobalAllowFolderLink value
4077 Invalid GlobalAllowWidget value
4078 Invalid AllowFolderLink value
4079 Invalid AllowWidget value
4080 Account Already Exists
4081 Location was reported stolen
4082 Invalid LocationID
4083 Account already Exists
4084 Confirmation link not found
4085 Account is Trial
4086 Already Owner
4087 Account Already Confirmed
4088 File Type Not Supported
4089 Failed to connect to Zoho
4090 Link Expiry to high
4091 Target Must be a file
4092 Fileserver Labels must be unique
4093 APIKEY not set
4094 Upload to Zoho failed
4095 Save Failed
4096 User already has access
4097 Accountstatus is not installed
4098 Not a valid Integer value
4099 Coupon not found
4100 Command not found
4101 Unable to set Paid Status
4102 Invalid Paid Status
4103 Invalid Connector
4104 Invalid Numeric
4105 Invoice not found
4106 Invoice does not have a pdf
4107 Invalid Boolean
4108 Size to zip too large
4109 Fileserver is located on another storagenode
4110 Forgot Password Link Already used
4111 No Failed Payments Found
4112 The person you are trying to invite could not be found. Please check if this person has a Nomadesk Account.
4113 Virus detected
4114 Invalid Percentage
4115 Only allowed to change access settings on Team Fileservers
4116 Command Script Url is Empty
4117 Command parameters are not defined
4118 No partner found
4119 Failed to set TrialExpiry
4120 No payment found
4121 Owner of a nomadesk e-mail address
4122 Permission denied to delete this partner
4123 Wrong Username or Password
4124 Invalid period
4125 Credit card details not present
4126 The from date must be before the to date
4127 Invalid date
4128 Invalid activity sorting type
4129 Invalid activity type
4130 Invalid notification type
4131 Acl Installation Failed
4132 Not allowed to invite not installed accounts if skip confirmation is on
4133 Invalid billing period
4134 Invalid Credit amount
4135 Client Certificate Authentication failed
4136 File/Folder already has been subscribed to the notifications
4137 Invalid Website
4138 Invalid contact email2
4139 Invalid contact email3
4140 Invalid value for Number of customers
4141 Invalid value for Number of expected seats
4142 Invalid value for MSP or VAR
4143 Account not confirmed
4144 Invalid License Type
4145 Add License Event Handler Failed
4146 Attach License Event Handler Failed
4147 Account already managed by you
4148 A managed user cannot create licenses, only unlicensed, single or multi licensed users can create/assign licenses
4149 Unable to remove an assigned license
4150 Invalid TransferAction
4151 Only allowed to transfer within managed user group
4251 Account already owns 1 or more licenses
4252 Invalid license type
4253 License is already in a grace period
4254 License is not in grace period
4255 License already expired
4256 License invite already accepted
4257 Invalid LicenseType
4258 You can not mix the owner email address with other email addresses
4259 Account InstallStatus needs to be Installed or Pending to accept an invite
4260 Account is already part of the managed group
4261 License is not assigned
4262 Not allowed to change the license type to ‘Free’
4263 Invalid Active value / Apple receipt verification failed
4264 Receipt save failed
4265 Product ID received from Apple verification does not match the Product ID in branding ini files.
4266 Account still has licenses
4267 You have reached the maximum number of Vaults for your account
4268 Account still has active licenses
4269 Cannot delete Grace licenses
4270 Invalid value for MaxVaults
4271 Invalid value for Quota
4272 Invalid value for QuotaWarningLevel
4273 Invalid value for MaxVaults
4274 Invalid value for DiskUsage
4275 Quota Exceeded
4276 File to big
4277 No idp configured
4278 A reseller with this brandingid already exists
4279 Invalid AccountName
4280 Tansfer account code has already used
4281 Invalid AccountEmail
4282 AccountEmail or AccountName is missing
4283 The maximum number of allowed accounts for your license have been reached
4284 Unable to modify Identity Provider, current brand is forcing one
4285 Invalid Identity Provider(SAML) Metadata XML
4286 Unable to link accounts, Saml email does not match your existing account email
4287 Invalid Authentication method
4288 Already authenticated with another account
4289 Restore revision not allowed on folders
4290 License verification failed.
4291 Could not decrypt the cache file.
4292 The number of active accounts exceeds the maximum allowed amount.
4293 License has not been validated with the license server in the past 30 days.
4294 CloudPro subscription type not configured
4295 Incorrect CloudPro configuration
4296 Cannot move to the same storage node
4297 Storage node not found
4298 Unable to mount storage backend
4299 Action is only allowed by the group manager
4300 Invalid Length
4301 Invalid Expiry
4302 Password Expired
4303 File is locked
4304 Invalid TwoFactorAuth type
4305 Secret not set
4306 Invalid authorization code
4307 Two-factor authentication already configured
4308 Command already exists
4309 Invalid Lastname
4310 Invalid operating system
4311 Group already exists
4312 Account has multiple pending licenses
4313 Invalid Json
4314 Unknown message request
4315 Vault label too long
4316 Invalid URL
4317 Invalid LinkID
4350 Resetting index is not supported for Vault on ObjectStorage
5000 Account creation disabled
5001 Fileserver creation disabled
5002 Trash functionality disabled
5003 Fileserver removal disabled
5004 MaxMind geoip disabled
6000 Upgrade fileserver deprecated
6001 AcceptInvite for AMS users is deprecated