Restores a certain revision of a file.
When the original file still exists, a revision is created before the file is overwritten with the specified revision.
When NewPath is specified and a file exists on the path the behavior depends on

- OverwriteFile = true: a revision of the existing file is created and the file is
overwritten with the revision of the specified file.

  • OverwriteFile = false: status code 4028 is returned; no revisions are created or restored.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileserverName* String Vault NMSA
VersionID* String VersionID
Path* String Path: folder where the revision is located
NewPath String The path where to restore the file to
OverwriteFile Boolean If a file already exists on NewPath it will be overwritten, otherwise a status code will be returned.
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Status Returns status code


curl -v ''

With NewPath:

curl -v ''