Account and License provisioning


This document is intended for third parties that want to integrate their application environment with the Nomadesk platform using the Nomadesk API.

The most basic and common usecases are account provisioning.
This document will get you started.

More information of every API call listed below, can be found in the general API Documentation.

Create the account for the user:
NMRA and BRAND are provided to you when you sign up as a Nomadesk partner.
Get some information needed for the calls in step 3
AMSUSERNAME and PASSWORD are provided to you when you sign up as a Nomadeks partner.

AMSTOKEN (partner security token) =

NMUA (internal name of the newly created user)=
Assign a license to this user(if you don’t, he will be ‘in trial’ for 14 days):[0][newcount]=1&Subscription[0][Type]=Monthly&Subscription[0][Emails][]
Buy 10 more (unassigned) licenses for this account (he will be able to assign from our web interface[0][newcount]=10&Subscription[0][Type]=Monthly&Token=AMSTOKEN&Task=AssignLicenses&AccountName=NMUA&SkipConfirm=true
Buy 2 more licenses for this account, and assign them to the accounts passed here:[0][newcount]=2&Subscription[0][Type]=Monthly&Token=AMSTOKEN&Task=AssignLicenses&AccountName=NMUA&SkipConfirm=true&Subscription[0][Emails][][0][Emails][]
Get an overview of the licenses this user has:
Remove an (unassigned) license: