GetwidgetLink returns a url to a MyNomadesk page that handles the returns the actual Widget. The id in the url is an AccessToken that must be used in a Logon request to get a token which can then be used to list all files etc.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileserverName* String Fileserver name
Path* String Designates the root path of the widget
WebsiteUrl* String The website this widget will be hosted on
Title String Title for the widget
LogoUrl String Optional url to an img that is displayed in the widget. If not specified it shows the Nomadesk logo.
Access* AccessType ReadOnly or ReadWrite
DefaultView View Default is Icon view
LastModifiedColumn Boolean Hide or show the lastmodified column
SizeColumn Boolean Hide or show the size column
SlideShow Boolean Enable or disable the slideshow
Subject String Title of the widget
Width Integer Number of pixels width
Height Integer Number of pixels heigh
Output Parameter Type Description
WidgetLink String MyNomadesk Widget Url



curl -g ''