Creates and/or assigns licenses.

This API call can be used to assign existing licenses by not passing newcount or setting newcount to 0.

Only unlicensed, multi licensed or single license users can create and/or assign licenses. A managed user must first become unmanaged/unlicensed.

Accounts that can be invited to be managed:
- Managed users
- Unlicensed users
- New users(users that don’t have a nomadesk account yet)

Note that assigning a license requires the Multi License User to have a license himself. If not entered in the email list, the API will pick a license for you.

Before Assigning, make sure to call the check if you’re allowed to assign a license to that account(email) by using the CheckEmailForAssigning API call.

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
  • With AMS username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
Subscription[][newcount] Integer Number of new licenses, to assign existing unassigned licenses, set to 0 or do not pass it
Subscription[][Type] String Monthly/Yearly – not required
Subscription[][Emails][] Email[] List of emails to assign licenses to
AccountName String The account to add the license to.

*Note!: Only required for Partners
SkipConfirm Boolean This is used for AMS & Partner accounts, they can skip the license confirmation step

Note: This must be enabled for brand
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean True or false



This makes 2 new licenses, 1 yearly and 1 monthly and assigns them to the account(s) in Emails[]

curl -v -g '[0][newcount]=1&Subscription[0][Type]=Monthly&Subscription[0][Emails][][1][newcount]=1&Subscription[1][Type]=Yearly&Subscription[1][Emails][]' 

This assigns a user to a Group Manager ( Only for Partners )

curl  -v -g '[0][newcount]=-1&Subscription[0][Type]=Yearly&Subscription[0][Emails][]'