Gets a list with all external users for the currently logged in user

Authentication Methods

  • With a username and password
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean True or false



curl -v ''


The first and last name can be empty when the account is still pending.
At that time the user already has access, but hasn’t accepted it yet.

The LastLoginDstamp is not when the account last used the owner his workspaces. It’s when he last logged into the Nomadesk application.

The FirstInviteDstamp is only for workspaces the user currently has access on.

            <LastLoginDstamp>2011-04-28 14:42:53</LastLoginDstamp>
            <FirstInviteDstamp>2011-03-23 10:39:11</FirstInviteDstamp>